Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Better" Bacon

I ran into to the grocery store one afternoon to pick up something I had forgotten during my weekly shopping.  I came out with the item I needed, all the ingredients to make fresh-squeezed lemonade (it was a hot day), and this bacon. 

How I ended up standing near the bacon case, I'll never know.  I'm not a dawdler, I'm a "run in and back out" kind of person, and even have trouble "shopping" as women typically do, but there I was looking at bacon.  I'm glad I did stop to gawk at it because if I hadn't I wouldn't have stumbled upon a little gem sitting among the preservative saturated breakfast meats that filled the case-- organic, "toxin-free" (not including any potential microbials that preservatives would have killed) bacon.  Thick, fatty layers of bacon from antibiotic free pigs who had been raised on organic feed.  Even at $5, almost twice the price of ordinary bacon, I didn't hesitate put it in my basket. 

I cooked it the next morning with farm-fresh eggs from our hens, and I can't imagine pork from pigs that I'd raised myself tasting any better than those bacon strips tasted.  When we had eaten, I commented that it was too fatty and expensive to buy very often, which made me realize that we would be eating bacon about as often as we usually do which isn't very often due to the preservatives that we avoid.  Oh well, it will grace the breakfast table again and maybe more often than the toxic stuff. 


  1. I paid 16 euros for an average sized chicken on Monday but as you said, the welfare of the animal and the taste far out weigh the cost. :)

    P.s. How do I subscribe to the blog?

    I can't find the 'subscribe' button-Doh!

  2. Well that would explain why I have only Google followers and no subscribers. lol Thanks for attempting to subscribe. I added the button. Sorry it took so long for me to see your comment. I'm so out of touch with my blogs right now with the computer I primarily use misbehaving.