Friday, June 24, 2011

Either I'm getting bigger or my world is shrinking.

Walking through the supermarket over the last few years can leave you with the impression that the world is shrinking.  First it was the just under a half gallon ice cream tubs, tuna cans that just didn't look quite right, 4lb. bags of sugar rather than 5, an obviously smaller Cadbury Cream Egg (they thought they could fool me, but I knew as soon as I picked one up this last Easter season) and now this...

Now, I don't know if I got a bad batch, haven't done a weight or size comparison, don't have an intact bar of Ivory left over from another purchase, but as soon as I opened a new three pack of Ivory something didn't look right.  It was smaller and way too light.  When I unwrapped it I was shocked.  I actually dented it, peeling off the corner.  It was extremely soft and "fluffy" looking for a bar of soap, even one that is famous for being the "floating soap".

Then I found that if I squeezed it, it just crumbled under very little pressure. 

I was actually able to break pieces off with my hands.

I know companies are trying to save money in these tough times, but so are consumers.  One of the products that back-to-basics, frugal-minded individuals are using a lot of right now is Ivory soap.  We are using it because of its short list of ingredients in laundry detergent, for bathing, and an as an all-purpose cleaner along with other products.  I have read different reviews and some claim that Ivory has changed its formula and is not exactly the same Ivory that our grandmothers and their mothers were using, but it has been around since 1879 and is made from only a few basic ingredients such as tallow, palm and coconut oils.  Fewer ingredients means fewer chemicals dumped onto our kids and the Earth.
I am going to buy the large multi-bar pack of Ivory I was buying to make laundry detergent before Fels-naptha became more readily available in my area and compare the two.  I am also going to do more research and post an update here to see if this was a fluke or if Ivory really has changed within the last few weeks. 


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