Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Balmy with a chance of showers.

Icky day yesterday.  Not bad at all, just icky.  We all started feeling under the weather on Sunday and one of us had mysterious symptoms on Saturday night which made more sense the next day when the rest of us followed.  Sounded like flu, all the same symptoms, but so mild it couldn't have been, especially since the one family member with the flu vaccine has been hit the worst with it, not that that really means anything.  Don't get me started on vaccinations...

With big plans for this coming weekend, however, we ditched all of our usual "Mondays", nitty gritty top to bottom cleaning, cooking, and teaching for me, heavy lessons for the boys, and took the time to recuperate.  No one wants to miss out on the weekend and it is already paid for with non-refundable tickets and room reservations, so we WILL be better.

I did something I never, well very seldom do, laid in bed and watched t.v.  I didn't write or blog, I didn't read, but for one chapter of a new book, check my email, I just plopped on the bed and watched one thing after another.  It was FABULOUS!!  I started with one of my favorite movies, Fight Club, then V for Vendetta came on (had trouble focusing on that one and ended up taking a long hot shower and doing a little cooking through it),  Paranormal State, one of the few series I watch on a regular basis, a show on the Gettysburg Address, then one on the Battle of Gettysburg which both, to my surprise, brought tears to my already leaky, puffy eyes.  I just love that Mr. Lincoln!

I did some hand stitching to mend some items and dozed off around 7 p.m., which I consider napping; something I find that I am only able to do once or twice a year if I'm sick because my brain barely even slows down enough for me to sleep during the night.  I know, you'd think that because of the insomnia I'd crash during the day.  Nope. 

At 7:09 my boy came bursting into the room to ask me a question so that was the end of my "nap". At that point, I realized my lips were dry so decided to get up and do something about it before the boys and I watched Blade Runner, a movie my teenager wanted to see after watching a documentary on the creator of the film. 

I got out my coconut oil and the little bars of beeswax I have stored away for wood floor waxing, and the bottle of almond oil I keep as a carrier for essential oils.  Within a few minutes I had the most fabulous lip balm I've ever used. Take that Burt's Bees with the lip balm that contains peppermint oil and makes my rosacea flare up with extended use!

The movie was as boring as I remember from watching it in the 80's, though Harrison Ford is still my favorite actor and I totally missed as a teenager how touching and poignant the ending was.  Then I went to bed for real and watched I Survived and My Ghost Story until I fell asleep and woke up at 5 a.m. for no good reason.  Actually, my back was stiff like after the first day of a new workout and I know for certain it was simply from all the laying around while watching t.v. the day before.

Here's my lip balm recipe.  I didn't take any photos.  If you need to know what it looks like, it's creamy and yellow and has the appearance of candle wax or...lip balm.  It is so emollient, however, that I am also using it as hand cream, though I do need to wipe the excess oils from my palms before I pet the cat or type on the laptop or use the t.v. remote, etc.

None of Your Bees Wax! Lip Balm

1/2 ounce bees wax
1 1/2 T cold pressed organic virgin coconut oil
1 T almond oil

I made a double boiler to melt the bees wax in by putting a small stainless steel bowl over simmering water in a small saucepan.  When it was melted, I stirred in the coconut oil and almond oil.  I poured some into a clean and empty container with a lid that came from a lotion sample, more into tiny chocolate molds, and the remaining, much more than I expected to make, I poured into a small Rubbermaid container with a lid.  I would have preferred to use glass jars rather than plastic but I didn't have any of the right size.

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