Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Does anyone else have this problem?

What's the point in having an energy efficient washer and dryer and making my own Earth friendly detergent if my front load dryer does this?!!
Anything with a spaghetti strap or drawstring gets ruined in my Frigidaire Gallery Series dryer by becoming hooked on the edge of the lint screen handle and then getting twisted around for 45 min. until it finally breaks off and it drives me bonkers! 

Psht!  "Gallery Series"...What the heck is that supposed to mean, anyway?  The dryer is pretty to look at?  Well, it ain't pretty, the things that come out of that dryer in shreds!

Okay.  My little rant is over and I feel much better.  Guess I'll invest in a few of those lingerie bags and TRY to remember to put things with strings in them before washing.  But I know exactly what will happen.  The dadgum drawstrings on the lingerie bags will suffer the same fate.

Going back to my folding and stain removing now and contemplating becoming even more eco friendly by hanging my clothes to dry on a rope in the backyard.  I guess it would be the lesser of two evils to deal with, bird droppings and more stain removing as opposed to recycling useless articles of clothing.


  1. I have the lingerie bags with zippers and they are awesome. The strings dont get stuck anywhere because there aren't any. Look for that kind.