Friday, January 6, 2012

A new pair of shoes.

I was horrified to see that the sole of my son's shoe was flapping near the toe so we stopped on our way into town last week to pick up some new ones for him.  He wanted Tron shoes.  Well, he loves anything that has to do with the latest Tron movie and he said he wanted black tennis shoes with neon green stripes.  I put two and two together and assumed he was going for a Tron look. 

There were no shoes in the shoe store that even looked remotely like the ones he was after so we headed to another.  No luck.  My older son and I convinced him to buy a pair of black shoes with silvery gray lines all over them.  I told him I could buy a tube of neon green fabric paint and use a tiny brush to go over all the lines on the shoe.  He liked the idea and the shoes were on sale for half the original price so everyone was happy.  It took me until today to find the time to paint the shoes for him even though he's worn them several times.  45 minutes after beginning, he had the shoes he wanted.  They turned out so great that his brother said he might like to borrow them some time.

While they were drying, I stopped to pm a friend.  She had been spending the same time counting out quarters to see if she had enough money to buy her son a new pair of shoes so that he can start basketball in the morning.  If she did have enough, she wasn't sure if she had the gas to get to the store and back.  I'm crushed.  It makes not only my son's new and newly painted shoes look fabulous but the ones in his closet that he doesn't wear for this or for that reason look pretty darn spiffy, too. 

This has been a reminder to me that when I am sitting doing something, and probably complaining about something else at the same time, that another person's day is most likely going much worse than my worst day.   Life isn't perfect, but I have no REAL problems at the moment.  

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