Monday, January 16, 2012

A Re-useful Idea-- Keeping a handle on things.

Last summer my family and I went strawberry picking.  Instead of taking our strawberries home in little green baskets, as I'd imagined we would be given, the farm gave us these fabulous plastic baskets with handles on them.

I have been using them ever since to hold produce in my refrigerator.  My crispers, though large, never seem to have enough room in them for the produce I get from the garden and buy on a weekly basis so the baskets work so well for the excess.

They also make retrieving produce from the refrigerator for cooking much easier because I can just grab the baskets and take them across the kitchen to my work area and take out what I need while I prep.  It sure beats keeping glass bowls, a shatter hazard, full of tomatoes in the fridge like I used to do.

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