Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The March Winds Are Blowing Spring to My Front Door.

It's here!  Spring has sprung and after being frozen over for the third year in a row and sitting with a stupid out of whack back for most of 2011 from stepping in a hole on a snowy hike, I am ready!!  The yard is waking up.  Nectarine and Quince, Ann Magnolia, Forsythia, Daffodils, Jonquils, Grape pretty it almost hurts my eyes! 

Ann Magnolia blossom.

Nectarine blossoms with a Forsythia flower that my son tucked between the blooms.
Forsythia or Yellow Bells as my stepmother calls of my favorite first signs of spring!  This is the most impressive this little guy has ever looked. 
Daffodils growing wild on the hill.
The rose bushes all have new growth.  Even the three climbing Peace roses I planted on the first day of spring to grow against the privacy fence are already shooting up.  The climbing roses I planted last year to grow up and over the old well have already begun to climb.  Now, if I can just keep them alive this year, aphid-free, and black spotless...

Butterflies on the butterfly bush, honeybees in the nectarine blossoms, bumble bees hanging in the air like mini zeppelins.  Time to head to Great Smoky National Park for my annual Trillium hunt.  Then it will be time for the wildflower pilgrimage that will last into the summer. 

My seeds are ready to be sprouted inside, a whole garden on the windowsill of my potting shed waiting to feed us until fall.  Back is strong and getting stronger, ready for months of hoeing. The girls have worked hard scratching around the farmyard getting the soil fluffed for planting and dropping too many eggs for us to eat.  The rabbits have given us such a large compost pile of natural fertilizer this winter that I'll have to grow some carrots and parsnips to thank them.

So, with the March winds blowing through the house, I hurry to finish my chores so I can go outside to play.  Had to stop and show my appreciation for the beauty that's popping up all around. 
Happy Spring!!

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