Monday, March 28, 2011

Rain, rain, go away. I have plans on Saturday.

I don't know who I'm complaining to when I gripe about the weather. Mother Nature? Father Time?  The weather man?  God himself?  Always cracks me up to listen to people whine about it no matter what the conditions, and to find myself jumping right in.  It's too hot, it's too cold, too much ice, we need a white Christmas, too windy, no breeze never ends.

Well, even though my flowers and trees are getting a head start on the growing season and the garden is getting saturated ahead of planting time from all the rain we've been getting, I really, really miss the sunny, warm but not too warm, breezy days we were having.  I miss having the windows open and strolling around the property watching everything wake up from winter.  It has rained and stormed and showered and poured for days now and the weatherman seems to have no idea what he's talking about.  A stormy weekend forecast caused me to change our outdoor weekend plans, yet the clouds opened up and dried everything off late Sunday afternoon and we were able to spend the rest of the day outside with a patio fire and Tiki torches lit.  I was even able to get in some gardening.  I'm not complaining about that, it was wonderful.  I am very nervous, however, by the wishy washy weather posts because you never know what to expect when the forecast for these mountains changes daily, even hourly at times.

My boys and I have gone to a lot of trouble to plan an outdoor birthday party for Saturday.  It is supposed to be clear, so they say...  The little guy has changed his mind on a birthday theme from Kirby to Dr. Who to Star Wars and back to Dr. Who.  He finally saw that he was only going to be able to decide which he wanted when he saw what themes of party supplies were stocked at the party store.  When we got there, as I'd predicted, he chose a completely different theme.  All it took was a package of bamboo patterned napkins and a paper pineapple to get him going on a luau theme.  "Are you sure?"  "You're really sure?"  "I can't buy all of this and have you change your mind,  you know."  We were getting later and later for a homeschool meet but I needed to be sure before we bought everything.  He was sure, so a couple of grass skirts (which I will not be wearing, but attatching to the patio umbrella), blow up plastic monkey, shiny, 7' mylar palm tree, plastic leis, Tiki torches, Hawaiian serving trays, green bowl for whale shaped crackers, bubble machine, and treat bags with sea life and amphibian party favors later, we have a party planned. 

I didn't realize until my Hawaiian friend posted on Facebook that she was driving home listening to Hawaiian music how excited my little boy has gotten me about this theme.  We lived in Honolulu for four years and after only a few months were tired of nothing but Hawaiian music on the radio and in every public building we entered.  But the couple of times we attended luaus, we loved it.  It was appropriate.  I didn't even think of music when were planning the party.  I find myself doing internet searches for Hawaiian tunes when I thought I'd never want to hear it again.

So now that the outdoor plans are made, I am really crossing my fingers that the forecast doesn't change.  It just wouldn't be the same to cook Teriyaki Chicken Kabobs on the indoor grill and we certainly can't use the Tiki torches inside.  Is it wrong to pray for silly things like clear skies?


  1. Nope, perfectly fine especially when we're praying for it for our kiddos and their big days. ;)I hope it's bright and sunny for y'all! Tell Darth we love him.

  2. Update: Rain and snow now in the forecast and the blow-up monkey turned out to be a lion.