Thursday, April 7, 2011

Perfect Day on the Mini Farm

It's a good thing we started math early today, because we were able to spend the afternoon outside messing around on the property.  It was too beautiful to be stuck inside.  The boys had big projects to do this week and lots of new math.  They got their projects done early and there were no hitches with the math. 

I had to go back in to get my camera, the little farm was looking so pretty.  I've been hearing a frog near our pond and, sure enough, I started to walk past it and barely caught a glimpse of him hopping in from a rock.  I waited and waited, but couldn't see him to take a picture.  I am hoping for tadpoles and was able to get lots of other photos of our day.  It ended with a patio fire and roasted marshmallows after an evening of watercolor and archery lessons.  Watercolor for the little guy from me, archery for the teen on his first night with his new archery group.  It was really a perfect day. 

We got our herb garden started indoors.  Waiting for the last frost date of the year to transplant.
Should have done this a month or even two months ago, but finally started seeds for the vegetable garden.
Still too cold in the potting shed right now, so the best place for the seeds is in the laundry room window over the dryer.  They should be nice and warm until they sprout.
Good girls!!

Hosta coming up.

Bleeding Hearts
Weigela I bought at the tailgate market last year.  Can't wait for it to bloom.
Wags IV.  Our little dog who made us smile after Wags III went to greener pastures at age 15.  He's TOO cute!
A used-to-be rose tree that I'm working on training into tree form again.
Raspberries cultivated from a wild species.  Looks like we may not have to go to our regular U-Pick farm this year.
I found four raspberry sprouts.  I just have to figure out where to put them.

Water Iris.  Yes, water.  I don't know anything about Iris plants except that I bought two little plants to grow beside our pond three or four years ago and was able to divide and divide and divide them.  I have them everywhere and none actually in the pond even though they were being sold as aquatic plants.  Talk about "bang for your buck"!


My little daisy fountain the little dog tried to kill.  Hubby and son fixed it.  Music to my ears!
Buffy, the Buff Orpington.  She's one of the four new chicks we brought home last spring.
Two of the Golden Comets taking a dirt bath in an Iris patch.
Checkers, the Barred Rock, and Peck, the Rhode Island Red, cleaning out one of my herb gardens, getting it ready for planting.  It was the chickens' last day out.  I'm planting root vegetables tomorrow and have learned in the past that the chickens will scratch up and eat any seeds I plant and nibble seedlings to nubs as soon as they sprout.  They'll have to wait until the garden is good and established before they can come scratching around again.
Bunny feet and cotton tails.  Is there anything cuter?  Bunny ears and twitchy noses, maybe?  I don't know.  I never can make up my mind.

I wish all my herbs could survive single digit winters like this three year old oregano has.
Some kind of Sedum?  The little farm came with it and I take tiny little bits and stick them in pots and beds and they take off.  I love them.  I can't find an exact i.d. for them, but they are certainly some kind of succulent.
Lots and lots of Iris from those initial two!
The mountain is waking up!  Bits of leafy green showing.

A quick dinner of chicken and couscous.

A little art lesson.

Patio fire on a warm evening...

...with roasted marshmallows.  Perfect day!

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