Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This Hoer's Gone Topless.

Huge, huge storm last night!  Apparently, it was bad all through the South.  The top of our big, beautiful Tulip Tree that I was waiting to watch bloom was whipped off in the storm and is laying in the backyard. 

We have always been grateful that the people who settled and developed the layout of our property, kept the treeline far from the house.  It didn't land close to the house, but now we know for sure that if one of those big, old trees come down, we are pretty safe where we sleep. 

Also, not enough of the treeline has changed for it to be too noticeable.  I will miss the top of that tree, it's probably the first thing I look at in the morning as soon as my eyes can focus.  I have a habit of heading to the bathroom window and opening the shutters to look at our beautiful view while brushing my teeth.

Another good thing is that it missed the fence.  We are new at this whole "mini-farm" thing and are not the best at putting up fences that can keep our dogs in and critters out, that look nice too.  That section of fence is the tidiest in appearance.  The bonus is that we will have lots of patio and campfire wood for the summer.  I really want to build a mud oven or outdoor brick oven, so will need lots of wood for baking.  I don't know yet if Tulip Tree wood is safe to cook with.

Glad that we are safe.  It could have been much worse if the roaring that was going on out there all night was any indication.  At one point it sounded like a jet plane screaming across the sky.  I have never heard that before and am assuming that was the powerful wind that snapped the top of the tree off.   So, while our tree is going topless for a few years, I am still loving the view.

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