Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another One Bites The Dust

Well, we have lost two out of 11 birds, now.  Our second hen from the first batch we raised from chicks four years ago went missing today.  I felt bad because we didn't notice until we went to lock them all in the hen house for the night after letting them work on getting the garden ready for planting.  When we did a head count, one of our Golden Comets was missing.  She was found, immobile, way in the back of the run under the hen house.  It seems that she died of natural causes.  Everyone else appears to be acting normal and very active so I am not worried too much about it, though she will be missed.  The last casualty was around a year ago.  Like this hen, everyone else seemed to be acting normally during the time surrounding her death and no trauma could be detected to her limp body.  It is a little sad, but nothing like having to have our 15 yr. old beagle put to sleep last spring.  Like my son said, more food for the other chicks. 

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