Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Anything Goes-- the slouchy, tacky, unprofessional side of a small town hoe'r.

I am a professional cook when I work.  Cooking is my favorite thing to do.  I have chosen to stay home and homeschool my children and work my small farm to grow healthy, chemical free food for my family, refusing to contribute to the problem of what I see as a toxic planet. I buy organic as much as my grocery budget allows and have reduced the use of chemicals in our home as much as is feasible.

This blog is a way for me to share my sometimes whacky attempts to help the Earth by recycling, repurposing, and reusing materials which has always come easy to me, as well the successes and failures of my organic gardening attempts.  It is here that I wish to document the ways in which I use the eggs and produce that I garnish from my novice experience in hobby farming for my own learning purposes as well as for those of anyone who may read my posts.

The Diary of a Small Town Hoe'r is something I have wanted to start for a few years now.  A stagnating sense of creativity in my culinary endeavors has led me to jump head first back into the culinary field by starting a blog dedicated to great food and the intense cooking that I learned in culinary school even if I am only cooking in my own home and no one but me and my family gets a chance to taste the final products of my culinary experiments.  I am continuing my culinary education with the cooking blog.  I can't allow that side of my personality to be back-burnered, no pun intended, any longer, but neither do I wish to let my goal of sustainable, green living slip away. 

This blog is my alter ego of sorts, contrary to the one that I show on my cooking blog.  What I don't want to share on the cooking blog is how determined I am to choose natural, organic when possible, and fresh ingredients.  I want to keep it focused on food and cooking.  This blog will allow me to share my obsession behind choosing organic, the source of the food that goes into my cooking, how I grow and store the vegetables and herbs that I cook, and why it is important for me to think health first concerning my family and the Earth. 

I hope that anyone who stumbles across this blog will not only find it useful, but will share their green living and organic gardening ideas as well as healthy recipes and alternative and herbal medicine with me.

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